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April 13, 2018


Hi All


Like many folk this week, I have found myself watching the news coverage of the tragic bus accident in Saskatchewan in which 16 lives were lost. I know the pain and sorrow is rippling across the community, province and indeed the world. I am saddened by the death of the people whose lives were ended. My heart breaks for their families, friends and neighbours.  It also breaks for the driver of truck which seems to be the cause of the crash. I think of the millions of players of all sports that get on team buses every day in this country. I am also thinking of the clergy in Humboldt and other home towns who are supporting the families and communities, and are planning and conducting funerals.


As all of this has been on my mind in the past week, I am also experiencing a level of anger over the coverage of these events. Why, you ask? It is simple really. I find the extensive coverage of the deaths of 16 people to be excessive when there are tragic events happening all over the world. Just a day after this accident, pictures started showing up in the news about a suspected gas attack on the people of Douma, Syria. In this case there were 500 victims treated according to the World Health Organization; death numbers are not being reported. Not only were these people gassed, but evidence points to their own government as the perpetrators of this horror.


I know I show my cynicism when I suggest that the deaths of 16 white Canadians seem more important than anything else in this week’s news, but I have no doubt if it was a bus of Indigenous Canadians, the news cycle would have passed much more quickly and there would never have been the more than $10 million dollars raised in support of the victims and their families. But  more than cynical, I am just saddened by the reality of how news favours those who look like us. However, I am comforted at the same time by the knowledge that God and God’s love is not biased in this way. I know that our God is surrounding the people of Douma and the people of Humboldt with the same love and support. I know that God’s tears are not for one, but for all who suffer and I know that in our sorrow and sadness, God is surrounding us all with love as well. For this I am grateful.


This week at Wesley, we will worship and continue to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus as the season of Easter continues. This week we also celebrate the sacrament of Communion as a part of our worship service.  The children will begin in Sunday school joining us for communion towards the end of the service. Also, a reminder to Session members that we have a meeting on Monday evening at the home of Deborah Angelus, beginning at 7:15 pm.


I know the weather forecast is less than stellar this weekend, but hopefully it will not get in the way of our worship.



See you on Sunday.