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This Week@Wesley

  1. this week at wesley

 October 19, 2018


Hi All


Well, it has happened, I’ve got nothing for you today. I have been racking my brain since this morning, to come up with something witty or profound to say to you this week. There are many options, but nothing has welled up in any kind of an inspired way. I feel like my well of wisdom is running low this week. Maybe feeling that one needs to always have a good flow of wisdom or thought provoking ideas is a problematic thing. If we always have to have something at our fingertips, it means we always have to be on, always at the top of our game.  But if that is the case, I think we are at risk of missing so much, that which bubbles up unbidden. 


I once read a story about a couple who were avid hikers. They regularly went out for hikes, climbing mountains and forest trails. But then one member of the couple was injured and not able to hike at the pace they were used to moving at.  But they decided they would still hike, just a shorter distance and a slower pace. As they walked the injured person kept apologizing for being so slow. The other person finally stopped and explained that this was their most enjoyable experience of hiking in all the hikes they had ever taken. When asked why, they said, “We always go so fast and I realize in that rushing, we have missed so much. In our slower hike today, we may not be coving so much ground and distance, but we are seeing so much more than we have ever seen before.”


And there you have it, a wee bit of wisdom bubbling up and out of my writer’s block!  Funny how God works through us, isn’t it?  All I can say is, “Thank you,” because I really didn’t have anything!


This week at Wesley we have worship and our In Ministry student Selina is preaching this week. I have a great story for the children and we will all have an opportunity to experience the wisdom, beauty and hope of worship and fellowship.


I hope to see you all on Sunday.