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This Week@Wesley

  1. this week at wesley

February 15, 2019


Hi All,


I think you all know that I knit a lot, but what you might not know is that I also rip out my knitting, a lot!  Thankfully I do not rip as much as I knit, but I do rip t and re-knit quite a bit.  I do this for a bunch of reasons. Sometimes, I make a mistake that I cannot live with, so I rip back. Sometimes it is an issue of size or tension so I rip it back and make the needed adjustments. Sometimes it is an issue of getting a new stitch pattern or technique right, so I rip back.  In all my ripping I get frustrated at times, but over the years I have learned what I can live with and what I cannot.


Now there are some who might suggest that I am too picky and while they are entitled to their opinion on this I do not think I am. I figure if I am going to put the work into something, I want it to look good and so I rip.


However, I do not want to suggest that perfection is my goal.  There is a saying that says, ’Done is better than perfect’ and in much of what I do, I live by this adage. What about God though? Does God only worry about getting things done and not about perfection? I believe that God gets it perfect and done all at the same time.  Despite all of our perceived imperfections, each of us is made in God’s perfect image and we are beloved by our God. Thus God made perfection in making all of us. So given that there are those things in us or others that don’t feel perfect, it begs the question, is God done with us? Well, as far as perfection goes, I would say yes!  As far as we go, in how we are in this world and how we treat ourselves, We are probably not done with ourselves yet. Sometimes we humans need to rip back a bit and reknit ourselves until we get it right. The thing is we are never alone in our re-doing. God is with us and though it is never easy, it is worth it.  For when we do it, we begin to see the perfection that God created and sees in us and that is always a good thing!


This week at Wesley, I am preaching on Luke’s version of the Beatitudes or Jesus’ sermon on the plains.  There will be Sunday School for the children and our Annual Reports will be available for distribution.  As well, I am hoping that some of you will bring a stapler along and stay after church to help assemble some paper chains for a Lenten devotional I have planned. We have 25 chains to make so many hands will make light work.


See you on Sunday.


Rev. Heather