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February 28, 2020


Hi All,


Lent has begun! Lent is that 40 day season in the church year that comes before the resurrection of Jesus at Easter. Traditionally it is time spent in repentant contemplation of all we have done wrong. Lent also holds a tradition of fasting as a way to understand and replicate the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness with little food. The tradition of fasting has given way to a practice by many of giving up of something for the season as a way of mimicking the sacrifice of Jesus.


More recently there has been a trend in Lent to get away from the practice of giving up chocolate, a bad habit or caffeine (to name just a few) and to take on some sort of practice as a reflective tool.  For instance some folks take on a meditative practice such as reading scripture daily or adding a new or different prayer practice. I chose to knit for charity one year and made 40 knitted hats in Lent. Ellie has taken up a photo challenge for Lent this year. She is taking a photo everyday to fit the daily theme and then she posts it on Instagram. If you want to try this one there all kinds available by searching Lenten Photo Challenge on Google.  I am getting a daily email from 40 Acts that has a short story about generosity and sharing followed by suggested actions for the day.  If this one interests you, you can sign up here:


This year, we are also reading a daily devotion that is based on letters that address different themes for Lent. You can order your e-book at: If you want another idea for Lent that is suitable and doable for families and children. The link is: As you can see, there are all kinds of options for what you might do to mark the 40 days of lent this year. If you are looking for something to do, pick out the one that suits you the best, take it on and then see what you notice about this kind of intentional activity.


This week at Wesley, we will be marking the beginning of Lent as we take look at the theme of choices. Our scripture readings look not only at the choices Jesus made during his temptation in the desert, but also at the first humans as they made their choice in the garden.  With the children, we will begin a Lenten Garden to collect souvenirs of the lenten journey we are taking. I hope you will join us for worship so that we might begin the journey together.


Have a great weekend.


Rev. Heather